Why Excellence?

I have always loved listening to people’s stories, particularly anecdotes from which they learned something that changed their lives. Listening to people saying what their life’s motto is has always been something I find cool. It feels as if those people really knew what they were doing.

Deciding what’s one’s life motto isn’t easy, and I felt like even after only a month I would change my mind! But there was always something that remained the same. Excellence! This is one of my dad’s biggest teachings to us, which after so much repeating and practicing, I realised it had become my motto. He has always encouraged us to look for excellence in everything we do: in the people we spend time with, in the way we speak to and of others, in what we do, and most importantly in HOW we do what we do.

For his birthday last year I got him to write a sentence on a piece of paper with the word “Excelencia”, meaning excellence in Spanish in it, and email it to me. I got it tattooed on my wrist as a reminder of his voice and teaching. The best thing was that he loved it but secretly asked me to not tell my mom, because she’s not the biggest fan of tattoos.

Having this little reminder on my arm has helped me keep this in mind at all times, and really live up to it and try to spread that motto across those I cross paths with. Attitudes are so contagious, and there really is absolutely no point in having a crap one, because that will simply make your life harder than it is already! It will also repel people from you, and attract only unfortunate events.

So I created The Excellent Me because I didn’t see a point in keeping things I learn, to myself. I think there’s so much more value in sharing experiences, advice, and thoughts with others, as they may benefit from it! You never know, but I think it’s worth taking that chance.

I do hope you find this space useful, and that it may be a place were you get positivism and good vibes!



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