Guided Meditation Manual

Want to guide your own sessions?

This is a Guided Meditation Manual I produced using creative writing. In it you will find ten scripted meditations that, if you read out loud, you will be guiding your own session. So, if you want to teach someone how to meditate, if you want to conduct a session before a meeting or with friends, all you have to do is gather at least one person and read one out to them.
These ten meditations were tested on four individuals, with the objective of discovering whether this program could help them develop their emotional intelligence. I only analysed seven aspects of emotional intelligence in this case, and found that Assertiveness, Cognitive Flexibility, Self-regard, and Happiness were the most positively affected.
Even by only practicing for ten minutes a day, you can develop these skills further and little by little increase your emotional intelligence!
If you are interested, please contact me on for purchase and delivery details. S.