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The Excellent Me is a space where you'll find fun tools that will help you become the best version of yourself. Here you can explore different ways of reaching your potential. And even if it's only by taking tiny steps... You will get there, little by little. I will share with you guided meditations I create, workouts, recipes, routines and advice from strangers who spontaneously share their wisdom.

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If you are looking to further enhance yourself, team, or organisation's performance, you may want to try these out.

Guided Meditation Audio
Brief guided meditations created through creative writing techniques that you can listen to anytime.
One-hour yoga sessions guided by Samantha Reis, internationally certified RKY yoga instructor.
Guided Meditation Manual
Scripted meditations you can read out to others for guiding your own meditation sessions.

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Puzzle Pieces

I recently finished reading a book written by a very talented chilean writer called Isabel Allende, her book is “La Casa de los Espíritus” (The House of the Spirits), super recommended if you like magical realism – pretty wacky stuff! I hated the book at first and it took me ages to read it. I […]

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Why Excellence?

I have always loved listening to people’s stories, particularly anecdotes from which they learned something that changed their lives. Listening to people saying what their life’s motto is has always been something I find cool. It feels as if those people really knew what they were doing. Deciding what’s one’s life motto isn’t easy, and […]

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